The liberation fight for Soviet Jews was a miracle. Most of us didn’t know.

Passover is the perfect time to remember the “modern-day exodus” of Soviet Jews, a movement in which Federation and its partners were instrumental. Read more.

Republicans & Dems hold positive views of Israelis but differ on gov't

More than half of Republicans and Democrats support the people of Israel, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center. Read more.

University of Maryland student government rejects BDS resolution

A BDS resolution at the University of Maryland is defeated by a majority vote. Read more.

Washington governor signs Holocaust education bill

Citing hate crimes and increasing anti-Semitism, Washington state passes legislation encouraging schools to include Holocaust education in the curriculum. Read more.

Care about Gaza? Blame Hamas. (op-ed)

Hamas is to blame for the hardships faced by Palestinians, writes a top U.S. official in a new op-ed. Read more.