Jewish Free Loan Celebrates Its 1 Yr Anniversary; More Loans Now Available

West Hartford, Conn. (November 9, 2021) The Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford is excited to celebrate the first anniversary of the Jewish Free Loan Fund of Greater Hartford, marking a successful year of providing a hand up — not a handout — to our neighbors in need by making interest-free loans available to local individuals, families, and small businesses.

“We are proud to announce that five households received loans during our inaugural year, and we’d like to provide more,” said Ann Pava, chair of the Jewish Free Loan Fund. “The fund’s governing committee recently voted to offer up to two loans per household and two loans per small business due to inflation in the wake of Covid-19.”

The Jewish Free Loan Fund was established and launched last November as an outgrowth of the Jewish Hartford Rapid Relief and Recovery Fund. It is designed to help members of Greater Hartford’s Jewish community overcome financial hurdles and seize new opportunities with dignity and confidentiality. Some of the loans approved so far include a small business loan to help a carpenter keep his business afloat during the pandemic, a personal loan to help a new mother cover the cost of daycare so she could remain employed, and a personal loan to help a father cover health insurance deductibles for his child’s necessary surgery.

“The Jewish Free Loan Fund of Greater Hartford was a lifesaver in our move and transition to West Hartford,” said the fund’s most recent loan recipient. “The loan enabled us to get much needed home repairs to benefit the safety of our family — especially our children — and improve our overall quality of life.”

Loans are awarded with a 30-month, interest-free monthly repayment schedule. As loans are paid back, money is lent out again, ensuring the fund’s permanency and continual impact.

“We hope to continue offering interest-free loans throughout our community for many years to come, and we are looking for additional philanthropic partners,” said David Waren, president and chief executive officer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford. “A tax-deductible donation to our Jewish Free Loan Fund provides our Jewish neighbors in need the means to tackle financial challenges, pursue dreams, and achieve self-sufficiency with dignity.”

To get more information, apply for a loan, or make a donation to the Jewish Free Loan Fund, please email

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