14 2021

Virtual Walking Tour of Israel, Part 3

11:00AM - 12:30PM  

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$ Cost $ 40.00

Travel to Israel may be on our hearts and minds, but sadly, in the world's current climate, our visits are regulated to spirit, not in body. Join us for four sessions, where we will virtually travel together to the Jewish State. Each of our sessions will uncover a different layer of Israeli society, history, past and present. Keep your eyes open, because we may even meet some Israelis on the ground. Travel with us and add to what you already know about the State of Israel, deepen your historic knowledge of the Land of Israel and strengthen your connection to the Jewish State.

The Second Temple: Pilgrims and Sects, the footsteps they took, and the stones that fell.
Divided we fall, which means once we stood. Who where we 2000 years ago, what did we believe, where did we live, why did it end- and why wasn't that the end? Villages and strongholds, communes and mansions serve as the backdrop on our journey which will include songs of ascent, sites of the fall and the written word that led to return.