28 2021

Virtual Walking Tour of Israel, Part 2

11:00AM - 12:30PM  

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$ Cost $ 40.00

Travel to Israel may be on our hearts and minds, but sadly, in the world's current climate, our visits are regulated to spirit, not in body. Join us for four sessions, where we will virtually travel together to the Jewish State. Each of our sessions will uncover a different layer of Israeli society, history, past and present. Keep your eyes open, because we may even meet some Israelis on the ground. Travel with us and add to what you already know about the State of Israel, deepen your historic knowledge of the Land of Israel and strengthen your connection to the Jewish State.

Session 2: The Golan Heights: In the footsteps of hikers, fighters, farmers and a 5th century frontier.
While the Jilaboon is just one example of a river and waterfall on the Golan, it is perhaps THE example of the abundance of water and nature that beckons the hiker. Our visit this day will also include conversation with a local farmer and the tasting of chocolate. We will visit the archeological remains of an ancient synagogue from the Byzantine period. Finally, the geopolitical overviews of the powerful basalt landscape will not only present what became available at a heavy price, we will also visit our neighbors to bear witness to the world war occurring across our borders.