17 2021

The Trials of Stella Goldschlag with Prof. Laura Jockusch

12:30PM - 1:30PM  


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Faculty Colloquium Presentation with Laura Jockusch, Brandeis University and Albert Abramson Associate Professor of Holocaust Studies

Prof. Jockusch will discuss her newest book project on the trials of Stella Goldschlag (aka Kuebler-Isaaksohn), a young German Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust because she became a Gestapo informer and was tried three times after the war: for "crimes against humanity" by a Soviet military court in 1946 and two West-German courts in 1957 and 1972 for "accessory to murder". Analyzing the complexities of Goldschlag’s rationalization of her wartime actions, the roles played by Holocaust survivors in bringing her to justice, the legal conceptualizations of her wrongdoing, and the ongoing German public discourse about Goldschlag's case, this project seeks to make original contributions to Holocaust and genocide studies, women’s and gender studies, German history, and the history of transitional justice.

Sponsor: UConn Center of Judaic Studies