8 2021

The Story of the Danish Jews and their Rescue During WWII

1:00PM - 2:00PM  

Beth El Temple -- Online Event 2626 Albany Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117

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Men's Club of Beth El Temple is proud to invite you to an afternoon of important history to mark Yom HaShoah.

For almost 400 years the royal family in Denmark supported and protected the small but influential Jewish Community. So it was no coincidence that King Christian X made a huge effort to protect the Jews when Denmark was occupied by the Nazis in April 1940. Brave fishermen helped more than 95% of the Danish Jewish population across the strait to safety in neutral Sweden. Many Jews escaped from fishing villages on small boats. Hear personal stories about the miraculous rescue of almost 7,000 Danish Jews in October 1943.

Charlotte Thalmay, founder of Copenhagen Experience, will walk us through this engaging & important historical tour. She has a Bachelor in Tourism and cultural education, and she has been working as a professional guide since 1996. She is also the CEO of the tour company Jewish Copenhagen, specialized in Jewish tours.

To register, please contact Lydia at marketing@bethelwh.org. Please include how you heard about this event, and if you are a member of another synagogue. Thanks!

Sponsor: Beth El Temple Men's Club