26 2021

The Biden Administration – 100 Days | Perspectives from the Middle East

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

Zoom webinar

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"The Biden Administration – One Hundred Days | Perspectives from the Middle East"
Lunch & Learn presented by Avi Melamed

President Biden meets a Middle East that has experienced profound changes. It is a new era in the region, and the geopolitical construct of 2021 is not the geopolitical landscape of the Obama-Biden White House. In the reconstructed Middle East, both friends and rivals of the United States anxiously anticipate a Biden presidency. In this briefing, I explore the Biden administration's Middle East policy. One hundred days into the Biden presidency, what do regional players think about his administration's policies? Understanding regional perspectives offers the West the opportunity to create a policy that serves both the region's need for stability as well as the strategic interests of the West.

Sponsor: JCRC-Israeli Task Force