16 2021

Shabbat Service for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

10:00AM - 12:25PM  

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Join us for a Jewish Renewal Shabbat Service to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The P’nai Or MLK Shabbat service will be lay led by our Affinity Group on Racial Justice. P’nai Or is a Jewish Renewal congregation and we welcome all who are interested in discovering Jewish Renewal while honoring the memory of Martin Luthor King, Jr. (Learn about Jewish renewal here: https://jewishrenewalct.org/what-is-jewish-renewal/.)

Topics such as civil rights, Black Lives Matter, and current events will be integrated into the Shabbat morning service. The Torah portion this very week focuses on the Hebrew slaves’ dealings with a powerful Pharaoh and with Moses telling old Pharaoh to “let my people go”.

Our contemporary story is not that different. Today, African Americans do not have equality in this country. Without equal opportunities in housing, jobs, and education, the Black community is not totally free. Who and what are the Pharaohs in America and who are the slaves?

Join us for joyous prayer, engage with ideas of racial justice, and sing the songs of freedom for all.
Held on Zoom. Register for Zoom link.
Register here: https://jewishrenewalct.org/event/mlk_shabbat/

Sponsor: Congregation P'nai Or of West Hartford