23 2022

Meet the Author… Danny Abebe: From Africa to Zion

12:00PM - 2:00PM  

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In his book From Africa to Zion, Danny reveals his fascinating and wonderful life story and the stories of the 16,000 Ethiopian Jews who immigrated to Israel in Operation Moses and of the thousands who died on the way. He describes his childhood in a mud shack without water or electricity, the grueling trek by foot to Sudan, the horrors in the Um Raquba Refugee Camp, his first days at an immigrant absorption center in Arad, and his time at a religious boarding school, where Israel sent many Ethiopian immigrant children. He describes falling in love with the written word and grappling as a journalist with the reality he covered: the Blood Donations Scandal, police violence, and the cold shoulder of the rabbinic establishment. He also writes about his visits to his native village—once with his wife Aviva and their children, and once again while writing this book—and about his two-year service as an emissary to the local Jewish community in South Africa. Throughout, he reveals himself to be an extremely talented and sensitive writer with a sharp and witty sense of humor.