24 2021

Israelis and Palestinians Innovating Together Towards a Better Future

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

Zoom call

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• Uri Rosenberg is one of the co-founders of Tech2Peace and one of the leading dialogue trainers in the seminars. He is also finishing his PhD. in Middle East studies, focusing on Modern Turkish political history.
• Abeer Bandak, another co-founder of Tech2Peace, from East Jerusalem. She worked for 10 years in the UN, and is leading dialogue in Tech2Peace and in other projects in Israel, Palestine and Europe
• Adnan Jaber, a Tech2Peace alumni from the first seminar (2018), volunteers with Tech2Peace ever since. He's now one of our board members (the only alumni on the board). Adnan lives in East Jerusalem, he's a social entrepreneur, and founder of Yalla Reyada - an Arabic-language fitness app.
• Jake Shapiro works as a dialogue facilitator in Tech2Peace. Jake is originally from Washington DC and has been living in Israel for three years.


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