22 2018

Encore of "Rock in the Red Zone" Film at Beth El Temple- with Micha Biton

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Beth El Temple 2626 Albany Ave.

Contact Sharon Efron

Beth El Temple invites you to join us for an encore presentation of "Rock in the Red Zone" to introduce you to Micha Biton, who is singing at the 'Israel at 70' concert on June 3 at Beth El Temple at 7pm. The documentary is about southern Israeli musicians including Biton, and their personal story of Israeli music of their area, and how they help children who live in the stress in the war-torn city of Sederot.
Admission is $10 per person; RSVP to Sharon Efron at 860-559-4010 or Beth El Temple at 860 233-9696 at 2626 Albany Ave, West Hartford. CD's are available for $10 so you can be familiar with his music before the concert, and Micha Biton will autograph your CD after the concert on 6/3.

Sponsor: Beth El Temple