15 2023

CBI's Adult Ed: Meet the Author Jonathan

11:30AM - 12:30PM  

Congregation Beth Israel 701 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06119
860-233-8215 bethisrael@cbict.org

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This is a virtual only program. Please register at www.cbict.org. Meet the Author Program…Jonathan Dunsky, Author of "A Deathin Jerusalem", offered in Partnership with Congregation Torat El, Oakhurst, NJ. "A Death in Jerusalem" is a historical mystery set in Jerusalem in 1952, a time when life was divided in two, with barricades and walls between the eastern and western parts of the city. Rich in historical background, the book deals with one of the most contentious political issues in Israel’s history, whether or not Israel should negotiate directly with Germany for reparations for the Holocaust. This issue divided Israeli society and the struggle against negotiations reached a boiling point on January 7, 1952, when protestors stormed the Knesset following a fiery speech by Menachem Begin. Not merely a mystery, A Death in Jerusalem is a journey back in time to a young state of Israel, beautifully capturing the country, the city, and its people.