30 2023

CBI's Adult Ed: 300 Ways to Enhance Your Seder with Dr. Murray Spiegel

8:30PM - 10:00PM  

Congregation Beth Israel
This program is both in-person and virtual. 701 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06119

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A Passover Prep workshop unlike any other! Learn from the experts: this author's dozens of innovative Seders were featured in the New York Times and PBS! Enjoy infectious enthusiasm and learn how to make your next Seder the most fun and interesting it's ever been. A fascinating, humorous and educational multimedia presentation, from the creators of the acclaimed multicultural '300 Ways to Ask The Four Questions,' covers a wide variety of topics: the history of the Seder, origins of its customs, creative and educational ways to use the Four Questions, novel approaches and different themes for your Seder. A lively, interactive program - both scholarly and fun. This program will be offered both in-person at CBI and on Zoom. For those who attend in-person, Dr. Spiegel’s book will be offered at a 20% discount. Dr. Murray Spiegel, a speech researcher in telecommunications, has established a reputation for innovative Passover Seders. Murray has led over 40 Seders - no two alike.