5 2019


7 2019

Amiel BaKehila in Greater Hartford: From Slavery to Freedom

12:00AM - 11:55PM  

Various locations TBD

Contact Rabbi Tuvia Brander

Under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and the Ohr Torah Stone network, ABK is partnering with the Young Israel of West Hartford with the support of the Jewish Federation and Community Foundation to bring out excellent Israeli educators, artists, titans of industry and Israeli Engagers for a number of 2-3 day visits to engage, inspire and empower Jewish communities and create a living bridge between Israel and the Diaspora. Programs will be host across the Greater Hartford Jewish Community in partnership with synagogues and community agencies.

For more information, visit youngisraelwh.org/abk and to bring ABK to your synagogue email ABK@youngisraelwh.org.

Sponsor: Young Israel of West Hartford, Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford and Jewish Community Foundation