1 2023

A Historic evening with "The Honey Girl" - Esther Basch

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Chabad House 2352 Albany Avenue
w hartford, CT 06117

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A 17 year old girl liberated from Auschwitz, embarks on a journey of tolerance and forgiveness.
Esther Basch is a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor resolving to lead a life of love and forgiveness. On
Esther’s 16th birthday, she was placed on a cattle car and traveled to Auschwitz concentration camp. She
feels it is her mission to spread messages of how to live one’s life, overcoming hatred with resilience,
grace, dignity, love and forgiveness by sharing her personal story of survival. Esther feels strongly to let
people know the horrors she went through so that future generations will make sure it will never happen
Esther travels the country speaking about not just the tragedy of her experience during World War II, but
also the triumph of her survival and the happiness she’s found in life. She is guided by core lessons she
learned from her parents as a child, do well, love everyone, forgive and think positively.
Basch lives in Prescott Arizona with her daughter Rachel Turet. She continues to dedicate herself to
serving the community by watching children on Sundays at a local church, speaking with elementary
schools, rehab centers and religious organizations about her journey and forgiveness. In her spare time,
she is working with others on a film documentary currently being completed called Honey Girl to share
her experiences.