Turning Dreams Into Miracles

Do you rely on someone else to interpret your dreams and, if you do, how do you pick the right person? How much do you rely on another's interpretation, and when should you embrace your intuition?

This week's Torah portion, Mikeitz, tells the story of Pharaoh's struggle to understand the meaning of his dreams. He approaches Joseph, who offers an interpretation and a plan to forge the best possible reality from those dreams. Impressed with Joseph's acumen, Pharaoh believes Joseph has harnessed the spirit of G-d. He praises and elevates Joseph as a man of great wisdom and insight.

Most of us have had puzzling dreams like Pharaoh's at one time or another. Other times we awake from clear dreams that bring a sense of excitement and hope. I've been dreaming of the future lately - and it's both puzzling and hopeful.

I dream of a future not too far away, in which we provide loving care for our elders while also welcoming newer and younger members to our community... a future in which we create an enduring bond that unites everyone in our diverse Jewish community.

I dream of a community supported by strong, independent organizations, schools and synagogues that work collaboratively to achieve a common good... and a time when we join hands with our neighbors of all faiths to embrace not just tolerance but a renewed sense of brotherhood.

I dream of a time when civil discourse is the standard for communication... when we place the need to listen above our need to be heard

As we light the menorah and celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah, remember that we, too, have the opportunity to turn dreams into miracles. What we can accomplish together, even when our options seem limited?  How can we turn our dreams into the best possible reality?  Let's work together to dream big, find meaning, and make miracles.

Happy Hanukkah, and Shabbat Shalom.


Howard Sovronsky
President & CEO


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