Tips to Build Resilience - by Israeli Teens, for Israeli Teens

Sometimes the best advice comes from a peer – someone who can not only listen but also speak from a place of experience and empathy. This is particularly true for teenagers, who often feel ignored and misunderstood by parents and other adults. 

Israeli teens are no exception to this rule, and now they can turn to an eye-opening new resource for advice and understanding. Israel National Council for the Child, one of Federation’s Israel and Overseas partners, recently released an online booklet with tips for reducing stress and building resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic – created by and for Israeli teens.

Available in both English and Hebrew, the booklet offers tips for developing healthy coping mechanisms when normal routines are turned upside down. To create this resource, Israel National Council for the Child invited youth in grades 7 through 12 from all over Israel to share their experiences and best practices in their own words. Click here to read the booklet in English.

Israel National Council for the Child is an independent, nonprofit, non-governmental organization that advocates for Israeli children's rights and well-being. It serves children of all religions, ethnicities, and income levels. Last year, your generous gifts to Federation’s Annual Campaign allowed us to allocate more than $15,000 to Israel National Council for the Child. With your help, the Council will continue its vital work to give children and teens a seat at the table and a continued say in the factors that impact their lives. 

Image courtesy of Israel National Council for the Child