Fighting Israeli Poverty in a Pandemic

When you give to Federation’s Annual Campaign, you help Israeli children and their parents escape the vicious cycle of poverty. Afikim, one of our Israel & Overseas partners, provides Israeli families with the tools to help end poverty though a unique, comprehensive, education-centered approach. And the organization has made significant headway even amidst the challenges of COVID-19. Below, Director of Donor Relations Miriam Grotsky reports on Afikim’s impressive accomplishments. 

We at Afikim are pleased to report that during the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization was able to provide crucial aid to families most affected by pandemic-induced hardship. Within only six weeks of lockdown, we provided 500 families with over 430,000 nis (approximately $120,000) worth of grocery vouchers; 270 educational materials for distance learning; nearly 500 toys, workbooks, and pieces of sports equipment; 250 food packages; and nearly 90 electronics, including internet hookups and cameras. Throughout the crisis, our staff, volunteers, participants, and supporters consistently provided support for one another, offering a shoulder to lean on. It is truly heartwarming to know that in times of crisis, just as in times of normalcy, we are always able to rely on one another. 

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Photo courtesy of Afikim