21 2021

Virtual Walking Tour of Israel, Part 1

Travel to Israel may be on our hearts and minds, but sadly, in the world's current climate, our visits are regulated to spirit, not in body. Join us for four sessions, where we will virtually travel together to the Jewish State. Each of our sessions will uncover a different layer of Israeli society, history, past and present. Keep your eyes open, because we may even meet some Israelis on the ground. Travel with us and add to what you already know about the State of Israel, deepen your historic knowledge of the Land of Israel and strengthen your connection to the Jewish State.

Session 1: The Early Zionists: Who were they, what did they believe, where did they go , and what was the link that connected it all. This day will take us on a journey from the ancient port of Jaffa, to the earliest settlements of the First Aliya Moshavot and the alley ways of the first Jewish suburb. We will continue our trek north, to the Kinneret training farm and ultimately uncover the Chalutzim and Chalutzot (pioneers) of the Second Aliya on our visit to the Kinneret Cemetery. A tour such as this would not be complete without meeting a modern-day Zionist with a Second Aliya heart.