20 2019

Music University: Beethoven Intensive I

7:45PM - 9:15PM  

Beth El Temple 2626 Albany Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117


Beethoven was a revolutionary man living in a revolutionary time. He captured his inner voice –and the spirit of his time – demons and all, and in doing so, created a body of music the likes of which no one had ever before imagined. “An artist must never stand still,” he once said. A virtuoso at the keyboard, Beethoven used the piano as his personal musical laboratory, and the piano sonata became, more than any other genre of music, a place where he could experiment with harmony, motivic development, the contextual use of form, and most importantly, his developing view of music as an artistic self-expression. These lectures by Cantor Joseph Ness will feature some analysis and historical background, but will mainly explore and demystify the compositions through discussion and recorded examples of Beethoven’s early, middle, and late period piano works, such as: The Moonlight, Les Adieux, Appassionata, and Hammerklavier sonatas – while at the same time embracing the eternal mystery of his music.

Sponsor: Beth El Music & Arts