20 2024

CBI's Adult Ed: Navigating the Geopolitical Crossroads

8:30PM - 9:30PM  

Congregation Beth Israel
Virtual only program, register at www.cbict.org 701 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06119
860-233-8215 bethisrael@cbict.org

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In this engaging virtual event, Dalia Ziada will share her expertise on governance, defense policy, and the region's intricate dynamics. From Egypt's role in the Gaza conflict to the future of Egypt-Israel relations amidst presidential elections and economic challenges, Dalia will provide a nuanced perspective on the Middle East's critical issues. Dalia Ziada is an Egyptian award-winning writer and political analyst, specializing in governance, geopolitics, and defense policy in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean. This is a virtual only event, register at www.cbict.org.