The Commission on Education and Leadership (CJEL) serves on behalf of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford as a community resource for Jewish education as well as lay and professional leadership development. CJEL enriches programs and facilitates new initiatives that support Jewish education to ensure Jewish continuity, Israel education and engagement of the Greater Hartford Jewish community. We are the only community-wide professional development and Jewish education resource in Greater Hartford--and we're here to help! As our community's needs change, we work collaboratively to respond to those needs, promoting growth and inclusivity.

CJEL serves 30+ towns, three day schools, nine congregational schools, three Jewish early childhood programs, educators, and local organizations. Our key areas of focus are professional development and educational initiatives.

We are dedicated to helping provide the best possible opportunities and experiences for students and teachers, both within and outside of traditional classrooms.
CJEL enhances the quality of formal and informal Jewish education in the community:

  • Promoting enrollment and participation in Jewish education at all levels
  • Advocating on behalf of students, parents, institutions and professionals involved in Jewish education
  • Encouraging and providing for the professional growth of educators
  • Serving as a facilitator for cooperation and collaboration among schools and community organizations
  • Remaining responsive to the changing needs of the community

To learn more about CJEL, contact Heather Fiedler.