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Children's Reading Partners


From preschool to third grade, children learn to read; from fourth grade on, they read to learn. Once a child falls behind in reading, chances for academic and economic success are dramatically diminished.

The mission of Federation's Children's Reading Partners (formerly Hartford Jewish Coalition for Literacy) is to build and improve the reading skills of pre-kindergarten to grade three educationally at-risk students in public school districts in Greater Hartford, CT. This is done by recruiting, training, and placing volunteers to read with these students, one-to-one or in small groups, on a consistent weekly basis. Children's Reading Partners promotes the use of books that help children develop emotional intelligence in order to cultivate a culture of kindness and empathy. Children's Reading Partners further expands students reading resources through the annual donation of a book to each student and that student's classroom.

View our informational resource guide for details.

NOTE: Every Children's Reading Partners volunteer must complete a reading mentor training led by a literacy specialist. To sign up for a training, please contact the Program Director at (860) 236-READ or

Since 1998, Children's Reading Partners has provided almost 80,000 reading sessions to approximately 5,095 students in Greater Hartford.  More than 4,300 new books have been donated to students and their classrooms participating in our program.

For more information, contact the Program Coordinator at (860) 236-READ (7323). Be sure to like our Facebook Page for the latest news and updates. 

See your Local Jewish Life page for updates on fall trainings.